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13 X-Files Vines So Brilliant, Aliens Probably Made Them



The X-Files Abridged, the Vine account, run by Colleen Evanson, uses Mulder and Scully dolls to sum up individual episodes, and they’re hilarious spot-on, going in episode order. (As of August 31, the account is on Season 3, Episode 6.)

I seriously hope Evanson makes Vines when the new series drops January 24, 2016. (Hint, hint. Wink, wink.)

“F. Emasculata”

Summary: Bad people covering things up + Scully doing some mutha f–kin’ science!


Summary: Episode is a combo of “The Exorcist” and “The Good Son.” (Why didn’t I ever think of that?!)

“The Host”

Summary: Scully’s slightly MIA in this episode, since actress Gillian Anderson was apparently preggers at the time.

“One Breath”

Summary: Scully was on a boat and had a ballin’ time, nbd.

“Little Green Men”

Summary: Science first, love second.

“The Conduit”

Summary: Mulder likes to listen to himself talk.

“Beyond the Sea”

Summary: Scully ain’t got time for your problems.


Summary: Mulder is a moron.


Summary: Mulder throws the fandom for a loop.

“Fresh Bones”


Summary: Mulder and Scully are the OG zombie chasers.

“Born Again”

Summary: Every “X-Files” episode ever.


Summary: Also every “X-Files” episode ever.

“The Erlenmeyer Flask”


You can watch more of these badass Vines here.