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11 Things To Remember Before The Season 11 Premiere Of X-Files


This January 3 (12th if you’re only watching on Space) The X-Files returns to TV for an 11th season of staring into the abyss that is the unknown and trying to make some sense of it. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will be back for 10 more episodes following the show’s unexpected return in 2016 (for a mere six instalments). It’s been nearly two years since Season 10 premiered so you could a) Spend the next six hours rewatching it; b) Read our list of key reminders below; or c) Do both, you X-Files superfan.

Here’s what to you need to know before tomorrow’s premiere.

1. That Mulder and Scully, one of television’s most epicly on again/off again couples, are not currently romantically involved. Ughghghgghgh.

2. That in the X-Files universe we’re apocalypse-adjacent. Thanks to the actions of a few power-crazed Cold War-era Americans, Earth, in its entirety, is at risk of being annihilated—the only question is: who’ll get to press the destruct button?

3. That despite the fact that Scully’s devoted decades of her life to the FBI, she still doesn’t have a desk. The glass ceiling is real.

x files

4. That this will be Gillian Anderson’s final season. Like, for real. “I’ve said from the beginning this is it for me,” she said in an interview with TV Insider. “I was a bit surprised by people’s reaction to my announcement… because my understanding was that this was a single season.” Guess they should have got her that desk.

5. How rad “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” was. The Darin Morgan-penned episode was easily the tenth season’s best offering (shout out to Rhys Darby who we’d like to see in way more stuff, if only to preserve the life of our Flight of the Conchords Blu-rays). Morgan’s contribution to Season 11 will be titled “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat.”

6. That last season had some excellent guest stars (see above, plus Lauren Ambrose and X-Files megafan Kumail Nanjiani). Fingers crossed that this season will too.

7. That Mulder and Scully hover at the edge of unlocking some huge, overarching mystery. When we left them at the end of Season 10, humanity had just narrowly escaped being wiped out by a pandemic. As Scully rushes to Mulder’s side with the antidote, a spaceship appears overhead—could it have the answers the pair are looking for?

8. That the government has been hiding alien technology from the rest of us for 60 damn years. The truth is out there.

9. That Mulder is on the brink of death. He’s been infected with the new plague that’s going around, and even Scully isn’t sure that the antidote is strong enough to save him (alien-enhanced stem cells would do the trick, though).

10. That Cigarette Smoking Man is back. We only saw him in the last seconds of last season’s finale, but his appearance made it obvious that he had plans for Mulder and Scully (mean ones). Also: that a piece of his face pops on and off like a pair of dentures.

x files

11. That we still don’t know where Mulder and Scully’s son is. Will we ever? Anderson hints that something big will be revealed this season: “The way they introduce him as a three-dimensional character is a good story,” she told TV Insider, “there is so much emotion and grief in the choices Scully’s made.”

The eleventh season of The X-Files premieres January 3 on CTV and January 12 on Space.