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‘X-Files’ Recap: Plus One’s A Crowd

x files

If, after last week’s cozy cabin interruptus by Russian mercenaries, you thought that Mulder and Scully would get some romantic alone time this week, you’re only half-wrong. Holed up in a downbeat motel’s last available room, the on-again off-again couple dances deftly around the issue of their relationship (the steps are so smooth and practiced—they’ve been doing them for decades after all). Luckily, there’s yet another creepy crisis to delay them from having to deal with anything to do with their personal lives.

Serial drunk driver Arkie Seavers is the only kid in town to live (for now) to tell the X-Files-worthy tale of being stalked and hunted by his own doppelgänger. His twin appears at a concert and sends Arkie sprinting for his car. Seems they’ve met before and Arkie knows exactly what’s on the man’s mind: murder. But you can’t outrun the supernatural and Evil Arkie appears in the passenger seat, grabs the wheel, and steers them both into a tree—only he doesn’t succeed in killing anyone.


Of course Scully and Mulder rush to investigate (rushing away from any talk about their future). Arkie’s case leads them to a pair of twins (X-Files veteran Karin Konoval playing both Chucky and Judy Poundstone) whose telepathic connection and penchant for elementary school word games is the source of the freaky string of doppelgänger deaths. The victims all have one thing in common: they’re the kind of people who’ve struggled with mental illness and have found themselves living on the edges of “normal” society. Much like Mulder and Scully—our first hint that the agents are about to receive a visit from dark doubles of their own.

While Judy seemed like your typical split personality psychiatric ward patient, Mulder soon finds out that Chucky, her twin, is real—and he doesn’t like Mulder as much as Judy did. Judy feels the same way about Scully. One of her cruder personalities throws both excrement and pointed insults at the agent.

The episode’s most epic death comes when Arkie’s lawyer, Dean Cavalier, has a visit from his twin and gets decapitated by one of his own samurai swords. They’re a risky thing to collect. That means Scully and Mulder are next and by now we know that the twins’ psychic game of hangman is definitely the force behind the doppelgänger deaths. Cuddling in their motel bed (Mulder’s been summoned from his spot on the pullout couch—romance!) the couple are once again interrupted. This time by a Mulder lookalike.

x files

Post beheading, even Scully is rattled by the doppelgängers and both agents fight to keep their cool (and their heads) while they go after the twins. It’s here where Mulder and Scully’s charms go to work for them: the twins are each enamoured with a different agent and can’t decide which one to make the target of their next game of hangman. In the end, they take out each other—and Mulder and Scully admit they need each other. Aw.

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