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‘X-Files’ Recap: Follow The Chemtrails And Gassed Kittens, Find A Conspiracy

Something’s rotten in the town of Mud Lick, Kentucky, and we don’t just mean it’s denizen’s gums. True, teeth are falling out of mouths all over town (even the recently deceased doctor was missing a few, plus an ear). Is it the chemtrails? The crop dusters? Is the government controlling minds and rotting teeth by poisoning the tap water? It smells like a conspiracy and Mulder and Scully are uncontrollably drawn to it’s sweet, sweet aroma.

Skinner’s questionable behaviour has finally been noticed by the higher-ups at the Bureau and they’ve pulled Mulder and Scully in to find out what they know. They really don’t know anything—about Skinner’s disappearance or about the guy Skinner is outside of the FBI. Their search for him leads them to Mud Lick and the town’s Vietnam veterans: Banjo, Trigger, Kitten, Eagle (that’s Skinner, btw), etc.

x files

Eagle is on the lookout for Kitten, his war buddy who underwent a scary and dangerous transformation back in ‘Nam—thanks to his exposure to an experimental mind control gas. It turned him from a sweet and scared kid into a killer who wore necklaces decorated with the enemy’s ears. Kitten (aka John) spent decades in a mental hospital. His son, a dead ringer for him (both are played by Haley Joel Osment), says he was experimented on (more gas, more killing) while he was in there. He’s been a free men for a month now and since then, bodies have begun turning up in the woods, the victims of crude, Vietnamese-style hunting traps. Coincidence? Yeah right.

x files

The monster is definitely here, but is it human or has what the government done to John turned him into something else? We never find out. John remains out of view while his lookalike son, Davey, tries to dispose of Skinner (who got John Locked up after testifying about what he did in Vietnam), Mulder, and Scully. But the agents’ instincts trump Davey’s and after questioning him in his trailer, the two double back to find Skinner in a spike-filled hole (Mulder soon joins him and both of them have to be pulled out by Scully.

x files

There’s a chase, a scuffle, and Davey ends up impaled by one of the traps he (or his father, or both he and his father?) set in the woods. John, who we can only assume is the man behind the badly made monster mask, disappears. We never learn why people (including Skinner now) are losing their teeth. We never find out why John was allowed to leave the psychiatric hospital. We never get to see what he’s like now. Skinner, however, is committed to getting answers to all these questions. Will we wind up back in Mud Lick before this season ends? More importantly, will we find out who’s side Skinner is really on?

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