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6 (Out Of 20) Classic Episodes You Can’t Afford To Miss During Space’s X-Files Marathon

Devoted X-Files fans have been waiting nearly 14 years for new episodes. Their dream finally comes true on Sunday when the first of six new episodes premieres on CTV. While this is obviously cause for celebration, let’s not forget where all that excitement comes from: the original series. Creator and executive producer Chris Carter hasn’t forgotten the show’s glory days, as he proves in this weekend’s The Essential X-Files Collection, a marathon of 20 classic episodes hand-picked by Carter himself. (This kicks off on Saturday at 11am on Space.) Die-hard fans will want to tune in for all 20, but if you’re new to The X-Files, here are six episodes you can’t afford to miss.

1. “The Pilot” (Saturday at 11am)


If you really want to get acquainted with Mulder and Scully, you might as well watch the episode that started it all. Better yet, turn the pilot into a virtual feature film by sticking around for Deep Throat (Saturday at 12pm), the follow-up episode that offers the show’s first taste of conspiracies… and aliens.

2. “The Host” (Saturday at 5pm)


This stand-alone Monster-of-the-Week episode requires no wider knowledge of the show’s narrative. However, you will need a high tolerance for gross creatures, namely The Flukeman.

3. Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (Saturday at 8pm)

Another classic Monster-of-the-Week episode, Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose made a major impression on fans and Emmy voters alike. (It won the show’s only Emmy for writing.)

4. “Home” (Sunday at noon)


Often compared to the work of David Lynch, this was the first episode that included a viewer discretion warning. A particularly satisfying treat for horror buffs, Home is definitely not for the squeamish.

5. “Post-Modern Prometheus” (Sunday at 4pm)


Let’s face it, those Monster-of-the-Week episodes were the show’s secret weapon, particularly when it comes to winning over the uninitiated. This Frankenstein-esque story lands bonus points for being the one episode shot in black-and-white.

6. “Bad Blood” (Sunday at 5pm)


A full decade before he created Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan came up with this inventive vampire story relayed entirely through flashbacks. 18 years later, this episode is still well worth remembering.

The first new episode of The X-Files premieres on Sunday at 10/9c on CTV and CTV GO, and the second episode follows on Monday at 8/7c. While you wait for the conspiracy to commence, watch the first minute of the new season here.

The Best of The X-Files Marathon: Starts Saturday

Watch the Best of The X-Files, hand-picked by creator Chris Carter!

Posted by Space on Thursday, January 21, 2016