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Go Behind The Scenes Of The New X-Files With Mulder and Scully

Even their co-stars want their autographs tattooed on their skin. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s return to the FBI’s The X-Files might be 2016’s most anticipated TV event (and it’s only January). In this clip the two actors and their castmates, both new and old, take us behind the scenes to reveal some inside information on what to expect from the new season—and to talk about how excited they are to be back.

The structure of the upcoming six-episode season, set to debut on CTV January 24 at 10e 7p (with a second instalment airing on the 25th), will play out like this: episodes one and six will build from the Scully/Mulder X-Files mythology (are they still together? what about that kid? will Mulder ever find his sister? will the government finally admit that aliens exist?) while the second to fifth episodes will be standalones (monsters! yessss!).

All of the episodes will be challenging, all of the fans will be happy promise the showrunners. Check out this delightfully lengthy behind-the-scenes clip to see what you’ve got to look forward to and remember: the truth is still out there.