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Wynonna Earp Season Finale Recap: Earps Face Off Against Each Other In I Walk The Line

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It’s telekinetic bullet-time (shout out to The Matrix) on the Season 1 finale of Wynonna Earp. Using the poison-champagne-fueled chaos at his own party as cover, Bobo finds Willa and the two of them head for the edge of the Ghost River Triangle with Peacemaker—the key to crossing over the border. Only Waverly was one step ahead of them. She switched the guns, suspecting that Willa wasn’t fully committed to Team Earp now that her memories had returned. When the two try to cross, Bobo begins to fry from the inside out.

Plan B: get the gun back and try the border again before sundown. But Willa’s overeagerness to find Peacemaker (and complete disregard for Waverly) alerts Wynonna to the fact that something’s not right at the homestead. When Willa pulls a gun on her, Waverly, and Nicole, Wynonna’s suspicions are confirmed. Good thing Officer Haught was wearing her bullet-proof vest.

While Doc and Dolls are cleaning house at Shorty’s (nice of Bobo to round all the Revenants in Purgatory up for them), Wynonna goes after Willa (dodging rabid townspeople on the way). Waverly has a mission of her own—a more personal one. She heads to Swan Reservoir to confront Bobo and uncovers some pretty huge secrets while she’s there. The first is that Bobo has a soft spot for her (why? we’ll never know) and the second is that she’s not an Earp…

Bobo hides Waverly from Willa and big sis and the Revenant leave the treehouse to try the border a second time. But they’re met by Wynonna, Dolls, and Doc, all three of whom open fire on Bobo who uses his telekinetic power to deflect bullets and bounce them back at his attackers. But wiley Wynonna uses his gift against him, dangling some heavy artillery in front of him which, upon snatching it from her, he realizes is wired to a small bomb that knocks everyone flat on their backs. Wynonna and Willa recover and both sisters run towards the gate that leads out of the Triangle. When Willa crosses with Peacemaker, a massive, snake-like creature comes out of the woods and wraps around her—she doesn’t stop screaming until Wynonna gets the gun back and puts a bullet in her head.

Willa’s death doesn’t end things though. Black Badge higher-ups step in and take both Bobo and Dolls into custody. Mercifully, Wynonna shoots Bobo before he can die a slow, excruciating death on the other side of the border.

Dolls’ fate is a maximum security prison—all because of a personal vendetta. What happened in Kandahar, anyway? What is it that the Black Badge has on Wynonna? Who is that old guy who visited Doc, Bobo, and now Wynonna? And why isn’t anyone more concerned about the Black Badge order to wipe Purgatory off the map? Returning to the gates where Willa was killed, Doc and Wynonna discuss how they’re going to bust Dolls out of prison while Waverly wanders over to a puddle of black goo and dips her fingers in.

Bad idea. Her eyes turn to pitch and as she pivots to face her sister and Doc, she pulls a gun on them. What. The. Hell. See you June 9 for the Season 2 premiere.