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Wynonna Earp Recap: Meet Two-Faced Jack, Serial Killer By Day, Serial Killer By Night

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Purgatory history would indicate that Revenants return to Earth worse than when they left it—the whole ‘being a demon’ thing probably has a lot to do with that but what about a Revenant who was a serial killer to begin with? That’s who Wynonna is dealing with now, as she comes close to completing her self-imposed mission to take out the seven Revenants responsible for killing her father and sister.

Waking up in a hospital(ish) bed with a fellow Purgatory brunette as her roommate, Wynonna finds that she can’t move her legs. The creepy morgue doc from the last episode tells her that she’s been in an accident, but Wynonna is no dummy—she quickly realizes that whatever drugs she’s being given are causing the paralysis in her legs so she covertly cuts off the supply.

Hearing the screams of her former roommate, Wynonna realizes that she’s going to need to defend herself against the deranged doctor (a point made all too clear once we get to see exactly what he likes to do to his patients, which involves removing all that important stuff that stands between the outside world and a human being’s internal organs). Willing her drugged legs to work again, Wynonna prepares to face him, armed with a scalpel and and incredible threshold for toe-specific pain.

Unsurprisingly, Wynonna manages to best the deranged doctor but in doing so, she discovers that he isn’t a Revenant at all, he’s merely a puppet for the real Number Seven: the Jack of Knives. This guy’s got powers we’ve never seen a Revhead wield before—like telekinesis and blowtorch finger nails that he likes to use during surgery. He’s about to use them on Wynonna (everyone has their own definition of ‘fun’ okay?) when Dolls and Doc finally show up, after a brief stopover at the local fight club. Wynonna takes out Jack with Peacemaker, but it doesn’t feel like a celebration—is what he told her about her dad making a deal with Bobo true?

At least Dolls and Doc made up (after a tense moment of staring down the barrels of each other’s guns). Somehow Doc knew that Dolls was trying to use him as a bargaining chip by turning him over to his superiors, so who told him? Bobo? Dolls, however, was ready with an explanation: it was either hand over Doc or hand over Wynonna… a story we don’t quite buy considering that his superiors seemed satisfied with the live Revenant Dolls brought them in the end.

So… who is it we’re supposed to trust again?