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Wynonna Earp Recap: She Ain’t Right—But Then Again, Who Is?

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Waverly’s collection of shiny metal things isn’t doing much to comfort Dolls as he slips further and further into a terrible withdrawal, cut off from his super juice suppliers and languishing unnoticed in the Earp’s old barn. What hasn’t gone unnoticed however, is Wav’s weird new vibes.

Even Wynonna’s picked up on them now—though the hunting knife and dogtags Wav accidentally left in her sister’s jacket pocket made for a pretty big clue. Also, they finally led Wynonna to Dolls.

Which means that with Dolls now safe(ish) in Doc’s secret lab and a juice formula close to being perfected (thanks to Jeremy’s Black Badge insider info), Wynonna is free to catch up on some reading. Just kidding. She has to go in after Waverly when the operation Lucado swore was just reconnaissance turns into a gunfight with no backup.

All the fuss is over a briefcase engraved with the initials “E.E.” The case once belonged to Edwin Earp, and even though no one knows what’s inside, there’s at least four different factions fighting over it, including Black Badge.

Another factions is led by a demon with two terrible knife-y things that he come shooting out his palms like Wolverine’s claws. He uses them to cut off poor Waverly’s hand.

Not to worry though, the demon she’s possessed by helps grow her a new one right in front of Wynonna’s disbelieving eyes. (In case you’re keeping track, that’s Great Big Clue Number Two… the third one is going to be way less charming.)

With a briefcase-hunting demon that just won’t die on their tail, Wynonna, Doc, and a two-handed Waverly head for Shorty’s where a jonesing Dolls has just demanded (and received) an extra dose of his special medicine (where extra dose = the entire batch).

With his forehead literally on fire, Dolls bursts into the bar, just in time to toast that tiresome demon with his fire breath so that Wynonna can use Peacemaker to put him down for good. Dolls is back, baby.

But all is not well in Purgatory. Mercedes and her sister Beth have each been given an extreme facelift—in which their faces have been lifted right off of their heads and put onto someone else’s. Worse: the things now wearing them have struck a deal with their weasley little brother. He wants something in exchange for his cooperation… we can only guess what that will be.

And then there’s that third clue we mentioned earlier… at the end of the episode Waverly’s “guest” comes out to Wynonna. And then in.

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. Is there more than just the kind of chemistry it takes to whip up a batch of demon juice between Doc and Rosita? We thought we sensed some chemistry chemistry this week. Then again, maybe she just wanted a latte.

2. Waverly told Wynonna that the black puddle outside the gates “called to her”. Was the puddle itself a demon? Was it Willa?

3. Dolls passes on the message Juan Carlos gave him to Doc, telling him “Something’s been broken.” It seems to mean something to Doc, but what?

4. Similarly, right before Wynonna puts down that briefcase-obsessed demon, he tells her “Something is coming. You’re not ready.” What’s coming? Does it have anything to do with the terrifying twosome that took Mercedes and Beth’s faces?

5. What’s up with the contents of the briefcase? All that bloodshed to protect… a commemorative plate?