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Wynonna Earp Recap: Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeeeeene!


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We know Jolene’s a demon. Jolene knows that Jolene is a demon. But damn it, her baking is just so delicious that Team Earp—even Mama Michelle, who spent years bound to this same exact demon—can’t see it. They just keep stuffing themselves with her chocolate eclairs, her lemon scones, and her signature snickerdoodles (Doc’s old-timey favourite) while she tricks them into thinking they’ve dispatched the thing that’s been stalking Waverly since the day she was born. But that’s not all she’s up to.

We find out early on that Jolene can’t actually harm Waverly herself—she has to take the scenic route, pitting each member of Team Earp against another one by one. First, she alienates Nicole, making her feel excluded (and full). Next, she makes Waverly feel bad about herself by provoking her into smashing Jolene right in her demon face with the butt of a rifle (damn, those cupcakes are strong). Once she has Waverly feeling unmoored and unloved, all she has to do is hand her the knife and wait for Wavs to finish the job.


But not so fast. Even the strongest edibles eventually wear off, and once Wynonna and her mom snap out of it (and get out of jail, post-biggest bar fight ever) they realize exactly who Jolene is: the demon Michelle’s seen lurking around Waverly ever since she was a baby. The Earps reunite in time for Wavs to realize that her family loves her. And that’s Wynonna’s cue to put Peacemaker to use. Right after she dries off.

But it isn’t Wynonna’s bullet that takes Jolene down. It’s (according to Jolene’s last words) Bulshar. He wraps her in the branches of a “murder tree” like the ones we saw last week and she’s gone. Purgatory pro tip: don’t go trying to kill the people Bulshar wants to kill.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. Once the dust settles, how is Wynonna going to take this whole “Doc is married to an immortal vampire” business?

2. Oh hey Bobo—how’s life in the well? Love what you’ve done with the place.

3. Why and/or how did Bulshar’s ring find its way back to Nicole?

4. And how did Doc get the ring from Nicole without her noticing—and does the thing have any useful power at all?

5. So Waverly’s dad is an angel? What was an angel doing in Purgatory (besides getting it on with Michelle)?