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Wynonna Earp Recap: There’s No Cure For Crazy—Plus It’s Probably Contagious


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Murder trees, demon brownies, and barn pentagrams—this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp had all of the above (plus a possible love interest for Jeremy… if he lives). We pick up from last week in the forest where a 6-year-old Nicole spent an idyllic summer at camp. Until the Cult of Bulshar murdered everyone and Black Badge covered it up by burning the whole forest to the ground. Nicole escaped (obviously), but no one believes her version of what happened.

Now those same woods seem a bit off. Trees pick up their roots and move from place to place. Others ooze blood and have faces. Or parts of faces. And stone staircases appear out of nowhere and lead to nowhere. Nowhere good, that is. But there is one nice thing: Jeremy is no longer the only dateable gay man in the Ghost River Triangle. Robin, an old high school friend of Waverly’s, has returned home to care for his ailing father. He and Jeremy hit it off immediately while trying to solve the bloody tree mystery. It’s super cute. But then Robin gets dragged off by—what else?—a tree.


Team Earp has bigger problems than haunted trees and missing hotties, however. First: they’re out of money now that the Black Badge well has run dry. Wynonna can’t even afford bullets for Peacemaker, which is a big problem when you live in a town full of Revenants. The other sticky situation involves Wynonna and Waverly’s mom, Michelle.

The official story is that she was locked up for burning down the family barn. The true story is that little Waverly was in it. Sheriff Nedley, who arrived on the scene that night, thinks there’s more to it—the Michelle he knows would never hurt anyone, much less her youngest daughter.


This is Purgatory, and if you dig deep enough into a story you’re bound to unearth a demon of some sort (like the one Doc had a little chat with in the woods). Michelle has a demon of her own, one she seemed to be able to keep at bay until Waverly showed up to visit her in prison. Suddenly, it was free—and after Waverly. Michelle busts out of prison and heads for the homestead (Wynonna is briefly held in her place, but the Rev-head guard assigned to do her in is no match for an Earp).

Waverly finds her mom back in the barn attempting to ward off the demon (again, with the fire). But she’s too late. It’s here, it’s called Jolene, and it’s brought mind-altering baked goods!


5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. What did Bulshar do to Doc? Do we need to worry about him? He’s hearing voices and babies crying. He wouldn’t hurt Wynonna, would he?

2. Where does the staircase that Jeremy and Robin found lead to? Bulshar’s bachelor pad? Is it gauche to make a bachelor joke so soon after all three of his wives were done in?

3. Was aimlessly chucking Bulshar’s ring into the woods the right thing to do, Officer Haught?

4. Who/what is Jolene and what does it/she want with Waverly and the Earps?

5. We know Waverly is not an Earp—is the demon a clue to who she really is?