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Wynonna Earp Recap: Colder Weather Comes To Purgatory

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Wynonna’s on a pitch-black bender and is out to get Bulshar… a dead friend will do that to you. It might have been Bulshar’s Bondage Bob that came at Xavier Dolls, but it was the Black Badge drugs (or eventual lack thereof) that killed him. Wynonna can’t see that, though. She wants someone to blame for Dolls’s death, and since Bulshar isn’t taking Wynonna’s calls right now she’s casting around for literally anyone else. First in line: Jeremy.

The ex-Black Badge scientist had the unlucky job of being Dolls’ chief secret keeper. He knew that the synthesised drugs he was cooking up for his pal weren’t quite doing the job. Dolls was unstable (hence that envelope marked “For Wynonna, when I’m gone”). But Wynonna is operating in full-grief, zero-chill mode and tells Jeremy that she’ll never forgive him for this—that, and he’s kicked out of the demon-hunting clubhouse. Ouch.


The next unlucky chump to walk into Wynonna’s crosshairs is a former Black Badge agent who claims he used to work with Dolls. Quinn shows up in Purgatory just in time for Dolls’ wake with some sage advice for Wynonna: hide the body. She’s not having any of it (at least not at first). She tells him he can stay until the funeral, but then he’s got to get out and never come back. She also orders Doc to keep a close eye on the newcomer. Not exactly a rolling out of the welcome mat.

Wynonna is not completely off-base with her assessment. Quinn does torture and threaten to kill Jeremy in an attempt to get him to hand over the synthesised serum he was making for Dolls. The rejected attempts, however, were stolen by a bunch of Revenants (it did not end well for them). Several staples (but zero bullets) later, Wynonna talks Quinn out of killing Jeremy—he’ll have to find his revenge on Black Badge somewhere else, far from Purgatory… for now.


In the depths of her grief, Wynonna is blind to the fact that she wasn’t the only person to lose Dolls. Everyone’s shattered (and Nicole is dealing with the fallout from the memory of her near-death experience with the Cult of Bulshar on top of it all).

When Wynonna finally realises she isn’t alone in this, she’s able to make the best decision for Dolls: have his body cremated so that Black Badge can’t use it as a science experiment and bury his ashes overlooking the landscape he loved. His headstone reads: Xavier Dolls died with his boots on. A fitting send-off, we’d say.


5 questions we have about this week’s episode:

1. Will we be seeing more of Quinn? There seems to be some unfinished business with him and with Black Badge. Also, was that a spark we detected between Quinn and Wynonna?

2. So, Doc is… married? How is that going to change things with Wynonna? Our guess: drastically.

3. Doc’s wife sensed that Waverly, though she isn’t an Earp, has something special about her. What is it?

4. Where is this connection between Nicole and the Cult of Bulshar going to lead us? Like Waverly, we thought Nicole was normal.

5. Over the course of the last little while, we’ve had a birth (Alice’s) and a funeral (Dolls’). Time for a wedding?