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Wynonna Earp Recap: Landslides And Other Forces Of Nature

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Sexy demonic twins, an extra Earp sister, a mysterious Good Samaritan who’s not so hot at engine repair, Bobo’s new crystal obsession, and a four-day countdown until the winter solstice. Things are really picking up speed as we approach the Season 1 finale of Wynonna Earp—and it’s getting even harder to tell who’s on which side.

Take the town’s top Rev-head, for example. He’s been a clear bad guy from the beginning (all that fur is a dead giveaway). So why save Willa from the assassins trying to take down Dolls? Is Dolls’ (and Waverly’s) suspicion that there’s something not quite right about Willa justified? She does seem to be trying to play Wynonna against their younger sister—but maybe that’s just a bad habit holdover from her cult days.

As Willa’s memories of life as the oldest Earp sister and original heir begin to return to her, she shares with Wynonna a shocking picture of their father—someone whose behaviour, when it came to teaching her the art of vanquishing Purgatory’s Revenant population, bordered on abusive. She also expresses a keen interest in hearing everything Wynonna knows about Bobo Del Rey. Which basically amounts to: he’s telekinetic, he owns Shorty’s, and, oh yeah, he’s a demon—one that Willa won’t allow Wynonna to send back to hell.

His friends are demons, too. Like the Siren-esque twins he sent to see a high-rolling poker champion in town for an upcoming tournament. When Dolls and Wynonna are sent to investigate, they track the very dead rich guy, his smartwatch, and two hungry killers—literal maneaters—to a warehouse where the pair almost get Dolls, too. Wynonna sends them back to hell just in time, after finding out about the Revenant connection to Judge Cryderman.

Doc, who decided to take the pink Cadillac on a road trip last episode, doesn’t make it very far before the car breaks down and he has to solicit help from a passerby—one that seems to know a lot about him, his past, and maybe even his future. Wynonna, says the stranger, is about to face a massive Revenant-led challenge. One that she has no hope of winning if Doc doesn’t return to fight alongside her (and only a little hope of winning if he does). Of course he does the honourable thing and heads back towards town. His triumphant return, however, is foiled by a faceless someone.

The episode ends with Doc kidnapped, Waverly shot, Willa weirdly aligned with Bobo, and Bobo demanding that the judge throw him a solstice soiree—a busting out of the Ghost River Triangle going away party, perhaps? Damn.