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Melanie Scrofano Interview: The Past Comes Back To Haunt Team Earp In Season 3


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Wynonna Earp Season 3 kicked off a few weeks ago (and already put us through one of the most devastating character deaths in recent memory), but there’s still a ton of story left to be told.

Which is why we sat down with Melanie Scrofano (the titular Wynonna) and tried to get as many Season 3 details out of her as possible. We also asked her about Wynonna Earp‘s LGBTQ+ representation, Purgatory’s hypothetical Revenant-run distillery, and what it’s like holding up Peacemaker for hours on end. Apparently that thing is as heavy as it looks.

Scrofano also discusses Wynonna‘s depiction of “strong female characters” and breaks down how and why fans use that term in the first place. In Scrofano’s words: “A strong female character is every single woman you’ve ever met…who you were already looking at is the strong female character that you were looking for. You just weren’t seeing her that way.” Preach.

And if we may: Scrofano’s sense of humour is just as good (if not better) as Wynonna’s. Come for the Season 3 teasers, stay for Scrofano’s impressive toilet-related powers of deduction.

Check out the full interview below or watch it here.