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Wreck-It Ralph Is Gonna Wreck It Again On The Big Screen

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

John C. Reilly unleashed some big news for fans of Wreck-It Ralph at the recent Galway Film Fleadh: he’s returning to voice the title character for a sequel that is currently in the works.

While Disney Animation Studios has yet to announce a release date for Wreck-It Ralph 2, a follow-up film to the 2012 hit (the original made close to half a billion dollars at the box office and was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award), has been a rumoured possibility for some time. Henry Jackman, the film’s composer, told Collider in April of last year that director Rich Moore was hard at work on a new story.

Moore has had plans for more Ralph since the first film debuted. “We talked about arcade games (in the original),” said Moore in a 2013 interview with Game Informer. “Imagine if we went into home systems and other kinds of platforms or online, or mobile games or something like that. We can’t end with just arcade cabinets from the 1980s. There is huge interest on the creative side.”

Fans of the film will no doubt be interested in seeing which classic video game characters might have a cameo in Wreck-It Ralph 2. Word has it that Disney is intent on casting one particular character who was referenced in the first film but not shown: Nintendo’s Super Mario. The studio is reportedly talking to the gaming giant about the possibility of using Mario and his brother Luigi as well as Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Wreck-It Ralph

So far Reilly is the only former cast member to announce his return to Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade. With any luck, Sarah Silverman, Mindy Kaling, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, and Q*bert can be lured back as well.