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Which MOBA Is Right For You?

A certain video game genre has been taking the world storm lately: MOBA. What’s a MOBA, you say? MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena—and they’re fun as heck. Players are split into five vs. five teams as each one tries to destroy the other’s base in some juicy PvP action. With a tonne of MOBAs on the market as well as most of them being free, it’s easy for someone to jump in and play. But what MOBA is up your alley? Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular entries in the genre to help you decide.


Certainly the most challenging one on the list, Dota 2 doesn’t mess around. The gameplay involves a player controlling a single unit and destroying waves of enemies in order to level up and eventually destroy the enemy’s base. With over 100 characters available right off the bat, there’s a huge learning curve for beginners. Noobs will easily be bested in matchmaking, so it’s best you do your research on all the characters as well as play a few bot games before jumping into matchmaking. It also has a catchy Basshunter song based off it.

Recommendation: Advanced player


League of Legends is the king of MOBAs. With over 67 million players a month (as of January 2014), this game has a huge and dedicated fan base. At first glance, it looks strikingly similar to Dota 2, but don’t be fooled, LoL has key differences that set it apart. It focuses more on aptly-timed skilled shots from the player as well as killing an enemy character for gold. The more kills, the more gold to buy weapons. With multiple game modes and a huge variety of characters that can be bought with in-game currency, players have a tonne of options.

Recommendation: Intermediate player


Blizzard’s love letter to their fans, Heroes of the Storm pits famous characters from iconic franchises like World of Warcraft and StarCraft against each other in a match to the death. The most casual and newest game on the list, HotS focuses on team-based objectives and adds a unique twist to the simple MOBA formula. Each map is a new game mode. Sometimes you’ll be collecting spider gems to unleash an overpowered minion to push your lane and other times you’ll collect gold coins so an Undead Pirate can fire canons at enemy turrets. This game is a must-have for Blizzard fans.

Recommendation: Casual player


An interesting premise on the MOBA genre, Smite has players taking control of mythological figures from various backgrounds such as Roman and Greek mythologies. The key difference is that the game is played from a third-person perspective, so the camera is locked behind the player controlled character rather than the traditional aerial view seen in most other MOBAs. This generates a better response in the player as they feel more attached to the gameplay and their actions. The game can also be played on the Xbox One, so with added controller support it runs much smoother and more responsive than ever. With a growing fan base, Smite has a chance of becoming one of the top of its ilk. If you want a fresh take on the genre or just want to throw a lightning bolt at Cupid’s face, give Smite a try!

Recommendation: Casual player