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What If Werner Herzog Made Ant-Man?


Ant-Man was great and all, but it also made us wonder what it could’ve been if original helmer Edgar Wright stayed on board as co-writer and director. Well, that’s old news, because now we want to know what a Werner Herzog-directed Ant-Man would be like.

The answer is: weird and existential, but Patrick H. Williams (dude behind Wes Anderson’s Uncanny X-Men) went ahead and made a clip of what could arguably pass as the real thing. There’s no major action or heists on display here, just mini Scott Lang (played by Jacob Torpey) wandering alone in the wilderness while a Herzog-sounding voice-over gives a Herzog-esque narration.

If you only know the iconic, Oscar-nominated German filmmaker as the bad guy from Jack Reacher, please finish reading this article and then watch one of the dozens of brilliant films he’s made since as far back as the ’60s. Some of our favourites include Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Stroszek, Woyzeck, Fitzcarraldo, and Grizzly Man. Or anything—you really can’t go wrong with Herzog.