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Watch The New James Bond Trailer Now


As you can probably imagine, shooting a James Bond movie is an extremely time-consuming undertaking. When the first teaser for Spectre—the 24th entry in the long-running franchise—debuted in March, three months of shooting were already complete. Four months later, the production has finally wrapped, and we now have a more detailed look at the results. While the new trailer keeps the plot relatively vague, it offers no shortage of explosive spectacle. Here’s a quick overview of what you have in store for you when Spectre arrives in theatres on November 6th.

James Bond embraces the spirit of Mexico City’s Day of the Dead with some fireworks of his own.



In the more frigid conditions of Austria, a plane engages in an unlikely pursuit with a van, offering a lesson for all you budding pilots: stay away from trees.



In the new trailer, Christoph Waltz finally emerges from the shadows. While his character is rumoured to have a severely scarred face, this shot proves that he spends at least part of the film looking like his usual self. As for that wardrobe, it appears Spectre’s villain is also a devoted Trekkie.


It wouldn’t be a Bond movie without crazy cars. At the very least, we can confirm that Spectre’s vehicles shoot flames and fly through the air.



Even more impressively, this trailer promises a wildly unsafe helicopter ride that features onboard wrestling/gunplay and some very reckless piloting.





For a more complete look at Spectre’s explosions and helicopter hijinks, watch the new trailer below.