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We Need To Talk About That Major Twilight: Breaking Dawn Plot Hole

It’s been almost three years since The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 came out, but something major just dawned on us. And since some things are forever, this apple’s still ripe for the plucking.

See, the movie’s ending—you know, how the snowy showdown between the Cullens/wolves/vamp pals and the Volturi guard was all just a future prediction by Alice Cullen that forced a truce—was actually kind of impossible.

And save your breath on the whole “sparkly vampires aren’t real” bit because (1) duh, (2) give the supernatural superiority BS a rest already, and (3) we mean it was even outside the lore of Forks.

Hear us out.

So in the movie, Alice is a gifted vampire, yes? But she has a central weak spot in her psychic vision: werewolves. In the books and in the movies, she’d been blinded whenever there’s a wolf in the mix.


For example, in New Moon, Alice tells Jacob, “I can’t see past you and your pack of mutts” because her vision of Bella doing a little ill-advised cliff-diving was cut short at that—she couldn’t see Jake jump in afterward and bring Bella safely ashore.

It seems to have a little something to do with the chromosomal make-up of the shape-shifters, because little Renesmee also caused some trouble for her old aunt Alice in Breaking Dawn – Part 1—and she shares the same single extra chromosome as her BFF Jake and his kind (these were the kind of detail particularities that were only fleshed out in the books, though.)

But then when the final film came along, suddenly Alice was able to picture the whole lot of otherworldly beings duking it out—how they would maneuver, who would destroy whom. Her werewolf-induced limitation pretty much just ~vanished~ altogether.


Don’t get us wrong; the twist reimagining for Part 2 was way more exciting than if everyone were to, as in the book, stand around and have a mental chess match against Bella’s shield and then give up and go home. The book scene would have been practically unfilmable as is, TBH. But still—this hole is as present and painful as the one Edward metaphorically left Bella with in book two.

However, there are some fan theories lingering around the web for us to chew on.

1. For example, there’s the idea that Alice became so attuned to the wolves that she began being able to see them too


This would’ve had to have happened after the Eclipse battle because otherwise she could’ve foretold the results of that. And since, um, most of the wolves were not exactly keeping company with the Cullens throughout the first half of Breaking Dawn, we don’t know when she would’ve made nice with ’em… but it’s still a thought. (Twilight Wiki)

2. Jacob imprinting on Renesmee changed the rules altogether


The supernatural bond between wolf and half-vampire became solidified the moment Jacob Black first laid his eyes on baby Renesmee, so maybe—MAYBE—that dropped the disconnect. It wouldn’t altogether clash with the lore because in the book, Alice was off gathering hybrid intel to save the day, so we don’t know what her mindset was at the time. Harrumph. (Letters to Twilight)

3. She was using loopholes to the loophole


This theory argues that Alice was merely viewing vampire futures, with werewolves secondary to the story—but then, that was still a problem in other legs of the Saga, so we’re not 100% convinced of that one either. (Twilight Lexicon)

What do you make of this plot hole? Any and all ideas are welcome in the comments because WE NEED TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT, GUYS.