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6 TV Villains Who’d Probably Love You More Than Your Cat Does



Being a “cat person” is a very strange thing sometimes. You love your cat and can’t imagine life without them, but you will fully admit to anyone who’ll listen what a giant a-hole they are—because unlike dogs, cats are super independent and don’t need to be around people to feel comfortable. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that they need their alone time, and that most of them don’t feel too much separation anxiety when they don’t see their caretaker (not “owner,” because like anyone could own a cat) in a while.

This is probably why people who don’t understand cats all that well make jokes about how aloof and “evil” they are, but come on, let’s be real—the meanest, most manipulative characters on television are actually pretty dang dependent on their “loved ones.” In fact, some of them are even more likely to care about others than your cat probably does about you (and yes, I say this as a full on cat-lover myself). Like these stellar specimens of humanity, for example!

Walder Frey, Game of Thrones


Why do you think he has so many billions of family members? It’s so he can surround himself with them—well, and so he can have lots of excuses to kill other peoples’ families when they dishonor his relatives. (Plus, okay, some of them are pretty expendable. But only the boring ones.)

Walter White, Breaking Bad


He probably could have found a better way to take care of his family than create a drug empire, but despite all the terrible things he did in the process, you can tell he still wants them to be safe.

Missy, Doctor Who

NuWho’s version of The Master has always been a bit clingy—he just wants the Doctor to be his Time Lord buddy forever and ever, guys!—but the latest female version of the character takes it so much further.

The Ice King, Adventure Time


This dude literally kidnaps princesses on the regular so he can force them to marry him, but it’s not actually for any creepy reason—it’s because he’s unstable and lonely and wants to feel whole again after losing his fiancée and his mind at the same time. Poor dude.

Zelena, Once Upon A Time

Girl is so jealous of other people’s affection for each other that she turns permanently green, and all you really need to do to foil one of her evil plans is give her some attention.

Malcom Merlyn, Arrow


He’s so obsessed with his family legacy and grooming his children—first Tommy, now Thea—that you could almost forget he tried to level a huge chunk of Starling City with an Earthquake. Almost.