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Is Tim Burton’s Superman Lives Ready For A Resurrection?

superman lives

Tim Burton’s Superman Lives was one of the great movie disappointments of the ’90s. Planned at a time when Burton and star Nicolas Cage were at the peak of their powers and popularity, this eccentric exploration of the iconic title character promised to be a one-of-a-kind superhero movie. While promoting his latest directing effort (Roman J. Israel, Esq.), Superman Lives screenwriter Dan Gilroy offered some fresh perspective on this long lost project—and even expressed enthusiasm about bringing it back from the dead.

“I would love for them to do that,” he told Cinema Blend. “That would be a great deconstruction. We were doing a deconstruction of Superman. Very different from anything they’re doing now.”

Like just about everyone involved with the project, Gilroy feels genuine sadness that it never reached the screen. “Superman Lives was one of the great disappointments of my life,” he said. “Tim Burton, it was a big disappointment for all of us. It was a really unique take on the character… Superman is a guy who is utterly consumed with being different. He feels like a freak. He’s in therapy. My Superman, our Superman was in therapy. Lois wanted to marry him, but he couldn’t commit because he like didn’t know where he was.”

While Gilroy remains enthusiastic about Superman Lives, don’t expect to see his script go into production any time soon. For more on what might have been, check out the trailer for The Death of Superman Lives below.