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This 21-Year-Old Guy Just Won $50,000 By Playing ‘Magic: The Gathering’

And you thought poker was a lucrative card game

Bet you would’ve been a lot easier on those kids playing “Magic: The Gathering” during recess back in grade school if you knew they could turn it into 50 Gs over the course of a week.

That’s exactly what 21-year-old Israeli Shahar Shenhar did at the 2014 Magic World Championship tournament, winning the title on Sunday for the second year in a row, which makes him the game’s first two-time world champion.

Shenhar came into the 24-player, $150,000 purse tourney ranked 14th, and yesterday defeated 19th-ranked Patrick “The Innovator” Chapin in three games in the final match, using his Sidisi Whip deck against Chapin’s Abzan Midrange for the $50,000 grand prize. Sounds like it was total carnage, bro.

Back in 2013, at age 19, Shenhar was the tournament’s youngest player. (Even younger than the game itself, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary.) Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that Shenhar only started playing “Magic” about six years ago.

In case it weren’t clear that Shenhar is the biggest badass in the MTG world, we’d like to point out that he also has something in common with a certain legendary Queensbridge MC who famously rapped, “I never sleep, ’cause sleep is the cousin of death.” Likewise, when asked who or what is his nemesis, Shenhar answered, “Sleep,” so yeah, he’s basically the Nas of “Magic.”

And he’s already preparing to defend his title yet again…