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This Game Of Thrones Theory Just Turned Jon Snow Into A Star Wars Character



As if the curious case of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones could not possibly get anymore complicated, here comes a new fan theory that muddies everything up — and yes, it’s muddied because the Crannogmen live in the swamps. They really ought to consider a bath.

Anyway! You know Meera Reed, right? She’s the sister of the ill-fated Jojen, who was stab-stab-stabbied to death by skeletal wights outside of the great Three-Eyed Raven’s secret treehouse north of the Wall. She’s been palling around with Bran Stark and Hodor for seasons now, even if she sat on the bench all throughout season five. She’s also Jon Snow’s sister.


Alright, let’s back it up. Huffington Post popularized a theory kicking around Reddit right now, originated by user ghostchief, and in overly simple terms, it boils down to this: Jon Snow and Meera Reed are basically the Luke and Leia of “Game of Thrones.”

Entertaining the theory requires that you entertain the R+L=J theory, which you should absolutely entertain because it is known. Beyond that, one of the big supporting points is that Jon and Meera look so much alike.

Here’s Jon:

Here’s Meera:

And yeah, that’s a little creepy. Also, in the books appendices, Jon and Meera are apparently the exact same age.

Another piece of it comes in the form of the relationship between Eddard Stark and Howland Reed. The Lord of Winterfell and the Lord of Greywater Watch are the only two survivors of the battle at the Tower of Joy, making Howland one of very few people who could possibly know about Jon’s true parentage. For whatever reason, Howland has never left his home ever since returning from the Tower of Joy, despite years of friendship and camaraderie with the Starks.

Why the cold shoulder? The theory posits that Eddard wasn’t the only person who walked away from the Tower with a new baby in his arms. Instead of Lyanna Stark dying and giving birth only to Jon, this theory suggests that she also gave birth to…

It explains why Jon and Meera look alike, it explains why they’re the same age, it explains why Ned and Howland remained separate for years (to keep the two Targaryen children alive and in the dark from one another), and it adds a new wrinkle to the whole “The Dragon Has Three Heads!!” thing.

So, what do we think? Is this theory Ironborn-clad, solid as a Casterly Rock? Vader says…

Never rule out anything on “Thrones.” Meera Reed could turn out to be Ser Pounce’s twin sister, for all we know — there are stranger theories out there. And this theory is certainly more plausible theory than the Howland Reed-is-a-Merling thing, but for me, it feels like one twist to the R+L=J thing too many. I say this knowing that I’m also the guy who believes in A+L=T, but whatever.

The other piece is, if Meera is such a critical figure in “Thrones,” it feels weird to me that she would be benched for an entire season, even if her story is so directly tied to Bran Stark, who needed a year off to stop growing a thousand feet per minute. Also, on top of everything, Jojen Reed is alive in the books but dead on the show, and if Meera is secretly a Targaryen, don’t you think the show would keep him around to field that information? I guess maybe not; this is “Thrones,” and people with deep emotional ties to potential game-changers die all the time.

For my money, turning Meera into Jon Snow’s secret Targaryen twin just further complicates an already incredibly complicated story. We still have to bring Jon back to life, you know. But it’s a fun possibility, and an original one at that, to chew on in the offseason and in-between books.