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The X-Files Returns With Some Huge Revelations In My Struggle III

Holy mother of William. The X-Files returned last night for an 11th season, wasting no time in jumping right into some of the series’ longest-standing mysteries with an epic, episode-ending reveal about Mulder and Scully’s absentee son. Or should we say Scully’s son…

When we left the agents at the end of the tenth season, the world was on the brink of collapse thanks to an alien contagion unleashed by the Smoking Man (that’s just “Dad” to Mulder) but it turns out that what we were watching was all happening in Scully’s overworked brain—it was a vision of the end of the world, one that Scully is desperate to convince Mulder of its inevitability. She begs him to seek out the Smoking Man and put a stop to his plan to wipe out nearly all of humanity, including Mulder himself.

x files

It seems that CSM has been behind so many of history’s pivotal (read: worst) moments (the faked moon landing, the assassination of JFK, the “election” of Donald Trump, etc.) and now it’s time for the final number: jump-starting the pandemic that’s the product of all the cruel alien experiments he conducted decades ago. All he needs is William… but he’s not the only one looking for him.

Scully, too, knows that finding William is the key to saving Mulder from the coming contagion and she’s worked out what the CSM already knows: she and her son are connected in a way that goes beyond the normal mother/son bond. It’s William who’s been sending her these visions of doom, the ones that have been giving her seizures that have confined her to a hospital bed, despite her best efforts to leave it. But she also knows one thing that the CSM doesn’t: despite the fact that everyone is looking for him, no one will find William, he’ll find them.

The Smoking Man is determined, however, even going to far as to try to enlist Skinner in his cause. So far, it’s unclear whether or not Skinner has agreed to sell out his friends (plus all or humanity), but Mulder definitely suspects him.

x files

But the truth is darker than any of Mulder’s suspicions. In his attempt to turn Skinner, the Smoking Man reveals the truth about William (or his version of it, anyway). Mulder isn’t his father, though the two are related. William’s alien DNA comes courtesy of the CSM—and so does his paternal DNA. Mulder’s father drugged and impregnated Scully 17 years ago and only three people in the world know about it. The truth is out there, sure, but what will it do to Mulder and Scully when they find it? Like the Smoking Man says, you can’t stop what’s already begun.

Missed the season premiere on CTV? Catch it again January 12 at 9e 6p right here on Space.