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The Warriors Come Out To Play By Recreating Their Last Ride Home


Can you dig it? On September 13, a huge chunk of the cast that played the titular gang in Walter Hill’s supremely bad-ass 1979 cult classic, The Warriors, gathered on New York City’s Q Train headed to Coney Island.

Michael Beck (Swan), David Harris (Cochise), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Terry Michos (Vermin), and Thomas G. Waites (Fox) took the train one more time to spend the day with legions of fans for a social club of sorts. As one attendee put it to Rolling Stone, who captured the event in a really swell video, “We started it for the youth though, because of all the gang violence that was happening in our town and what not. We tried to get all the youth to join us instead of joining real gangs.”

In even more heartwarming news, Rolling Stone also reported the good news that the Warriors have remained close for the past 37 years.

The cast wasn’t the only gang worth mentioning, tonnes of people were dressed up in Warriors-inspired duds, including adults and little kids (!) dressed as the Baseball Furies. Check ’em out here: