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The Transporter Refueled: By The Numbers

Camille Delamarre has spent a lot of time around action movies. As an editor he worked on Taken 2 and Transporter 3. As a director he teamed up with writer/producer Luc Besson to film 2014’s Paul Walker-starring Brick Mansions. For The Transporter Refueled, Delamarre reunites with his frequent collaborator Besson in an effort to, well, refuel (he insists this isn’t a reboot) the franchise, giving it new life and a new star: Game of ThronesEd Skrein, who left the hit show to take this gig.

Transporter fans will know what we mean when we say that this new incarnation was more on par with Transporter 3 than Transporters 1 and 2. The Transporter Refueled is a really cool Audi spot—it’s just a little bit longer than we like our car commercials to be. But that isn’t to say that action fans, car chase enthusiasts, and wannabe Russian gangsters won’t have a good time at the theatre. Numbers don’t lie, so let’s break this movie down:

Audi S8 product shots: A million. Hey, it’s a good looking car okay?


Alexandre Dumas references: Five. Actually.

Cat DJs: Too few.

Road safety tips: 3


Number of fire hydrants the bumper of an S8 can strategically open in the span of three seconds: 4

Axe fights: 1

People who successfully jump into moving cars travelling at high speeds: 3

Number of identical outfits procured by the wardrobe department: At least six.


Drugged clubgoers: 300

Beautiful women wearing gas masks and wigs at the same time: 3

Kidnapped dads: Just one—but he’s abducted twice.

Names, questions, and negotiations: Zero (duh).


The Transporter Refueled is in theatres September 4. Watch the trailer right here: