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The Shannara Chronicles Recap: The Warlock Lord Returns


We won’t bury the lead—at the end of “Warlock,” Bandon takes over the Crimson’s fortress and finally carries out his plan to revive the Warlock Lord. And the Warlock Lord, oddly, looks exactly like a paler, scarier version of Allanon. We have no idea what this means, but let’s dive into all the other crazy stuff that happened in this episode.

“Warlock” starts off right where “Crimson” ended, with Ander and Lyria’s wedding guests in the midst of battle with the Crimson army. Jax injures Riga to buy their side some time, and Tamlin uses that time to apologize to Lyria. Yep, you read that right—having her life threatened actually gave Tamlin some perspective. Tamlin also gives Lyria a stone—the key to Heaven’s Well—and admits that she needs to “pay” for her “sins.” In other words, she needs to sacrifice herself for the good of her people.


She hands control of Leah over to Riga (temporarily) but refuses to pledge her allegiance to him. Consequently, Riga sentences her to death and before the Crimson seals her fate, Tamlin (looking strangely vulnerable in a plain white gown) asks Jax to protect Lyria and Heaven’s Well at all costs.

Tamlin strolls out on to the roof of the Leah palace, ready for Riga to push her over the edge and into the waterfall just as Ander did to Edain a couple episodes ago. But, like a total badass, Tamlin walks off the roof herself before Riga can make a move. Ruthless, power-hungry Tamlin was great, but we wish we could’ve spent more time with selfless, rebellious Tamlin, too.


Meanwhile, Lyria’s torn up over the fact that Ander died instead of her. She’s also feeling guilty for leaving Tamlin alone in Leah, but Eretria tries to make her feel better by likening Lyria and Tamlin’s relationship to her relationship with Cephalo—both are extremely complicated, but nevertheless filled with love and necessary sacrifice.

That night Eretria wakes up to yet another vision of Amberle, who warns her that “darkness is coming” (clearly) and that she doesn’t stand a chance of saving the Four Lands unless Wil gets his butt over to the Ellcrys. Cogline returns and instructs Eretria to find Wil while he takes Lyria back to the enclave (to keep her key out of the Warlock Lord’s hands), but Eretria unsurprisingly has trouble convincing Wil to go back to Arborlon.


Wil tells Eretria that he’s tried to talk to the Ellcrys dozens of times before and that it’s never worked. Besides, he’s kind of got a lot going on—Allanon fell into a coma after Bandon attacked him with the Warlock Lord’s blade, and even Wil’s former healer instructors can’t figure out how to revive him. Mareth fortunately refuses to give up on her Druid dad, and her persistence pays off when a glimmer of hope arrives in the form of the Codex of Paranor.

Mareth skims the Codex (Pyria used Allanon’s old love letters to teach her how to read Druid) and discovers that she may be able to save Allanon by entering his “dream state”—but there’s a catch. If she enters his dream state and he dies while she’s in there, she’ll die too. Nevertheless, she decides to put her life at risk and runs into “dream Allanon” in the middle of a barren landscape.


Dream state Allanon is just as cryptic as real life Allanon, as he tells Mareth that it’s not the “right time” for him to wake up from his coma yet. But that changes when he takes her to the “sacred lake of the Druids” and summons Bremen, his old mentor. Bremen explains that when he told Allanon about the arrival of another Druid, he was talking about Mareth, not Bandon.

He also tells Allanon that he needs to help Mareth control and cultivate her powers, which Allanon takes to heart once he and Mareth resume consciousness. They discover that Mareth is meant to take over for Allanon and become the next Druid, and they notice magical runes forming on Mareth’s body and disappearing from Allanon’s. But that’s not all—after Eretria convinces Wil to go to Arborlon and tells him that Ander was killed, Wil realizes that Mareth is technically the only living member of the Arborlon royal family (Pyria, King Eventine’s sister, was Mareth’s mother). A Druid and a future queen? Mareth’s suddenly got a lot of power, and we can’t wait to see what she does with it.


What To Look Out For In The Next Episode

1. Allanon and Mareth

Allanon and Mareth have become The Shannara Chronicles’ Luke and Rey, even if Rey doesn’t end up being Luke’s daughter. With Allanon finally willing to train Mareth and help harness her powers, who knows what she’ll be able to do when the Warlock Lord unleashes his wrath on the Four Lands?

2. Wil and the Ellcrys

Wil and the Ellcrys obviously go way back, but will their reunion be awkward? What will Amberle say to Wil after having spent so much time apart?

3. Bandon’s Fate

We might be reading into things, but Bandon didn’t look too happy when the Warlock Lord finally came back to life. Is he already regretting his decision to go to the dark side and send the Four Lands into chaos?