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The Shannara Chronicles Recap: The Crimson Is Back And Badder Than Ever


This week, we mourn the loss of two uncles: Wil’s Uncle Flick, and Amberle’s Uncle Ander. We’re glad (and sort of surprised) that both of them survived as long as they did, but let’s take a look at the events leading up to their respective deaths.

At the top of the episode (appropriately titled “Crimson”), we discover that Bandon and Allanon are still trapped inside a magical prison and Flick is still suffering a slow and painful death. The pain Flick’s experiencing is pretty evident (the bluish pasty skin and bleeding facial sores kind of tipped us off), but it becomes even more evident when he tells Allanon off and says he wishes they had never met.

Interestingly, Wil and Mareth actually get a chance to witness the moment Flick and Allanon met back in bygone Shady Vale. After Shea’s encounter with a Mord Wraith, Wil and Mareth decide that there’s more Shea should know about his eventual fate—namely, that he’s a Shannara who ends up saving the Four Lands and that Wil is his son. The tendency to stubbornly refuse one’s destiny obviously runs in the family, as Shea initially tells Wil and Mareth that he’s just a normal guy who doesn’t want any part of this Shannara business. Sound familiar, Wil?


Eventually Shea agrees to keep himself hidden from the Mord Wraiths while Wil and Mareth go to the Shady Vale Scarecrow Festival, which we had no idea was a thing. Based on the vision Wil saw when the Dweller held him captive, he thinks the Warlock Lord’s skull may be hidden inside one of the scarecrows. And he’s on the right track—the skull is actually buried underneath a scarecrow. But Shea breaks his promise and leaves his hiding place to go to the Festival and apologize to Heady for his earlier outburst. The Mord Wraiths descend on the Festival and attack Shea before Wil can step in and use the Elfstones to defend him.

Fortunately Wil is able to use the Elfstones to heal Shea’s injuries, which means that Wil and Mareth’s work in Shady Vale is basically complete. Wil shares a sweet bonding moment with his future mom and dad before they depart, but things get a lot less sweet and a lot more serious once he and Mareth return to the present. Mareth releases Bandon from the prison so that he can save Flick, but Bandon wants Wil to hand over the skull before he holds up his end of the deal. The two of them go back and forth for a while, but everything spins into chaos when Flick grabs Bandon’s dagger and kills himself, presumably to keep Wil from having to make a universe-ruining decision.


Wil, who’s furious and armed with the Sword of Shannara, lunges at Bandon only to be struck with a vision of “Dark Eretria” (which we’ll get to in a second). Bandon attacks Wil while he’s distracted and manages to not only break the Sword of Shannara but to steal and run away with the skull. He also injures Allanon with the Warlock Lord’s blade, causing the already drained and depleted Druid to lose consciousness.

On to Eretria and Cogline. Cogline is still trying to prepare Eretria for the Warlock Lord’s arrival, but after he mysteriously disappears she goes back inside the Mord Wraith’s holding cell to see if she can resist its dark powers once again. She makes it out of the cell alive, but it’s clear that she’s much more affected by the Mord Wraith’s darkness than she was last time.

Jax barges in before we find out if the Mord Wraith’s influence is permanent, and he tells Eretria that Riga and the Crimson are probably going to go after Queen Tamlin. It’s a safe bet, as earlier in the episode Tamlin claimed that Riga had “outlived his usefulness” and ordered Jax to kill him.

Plus, Ander and Lyria are about to get married, so it’s the perfect time to carry out an attack. The future King and Queen of Arborlon are standing at the altar when Riga strolls in wearing his best officiant disguise. He unleashes his Crimson army and a lot of blood is shed, even after Jax and Eretria step in to help. Unfortunately, even after putting up a good fight, Riga kills Ander and puts the fate of both Arborlon and the Four Lands up in the air. It’s a shame, too—Ander and Lyria probably would have been amazing rulers. But our characters have bigger things to worry about now, as Riga and Bandon are both on the loose and trying to put their grand plans into place.


What To Look Out For In The Next Episode

1. Bandon and Allanon

Is Bandon getting soft? While he and Allanon are locked up together, Bandon admits that Allanon is probably the closest thing he’s ever had to a dad. That doesn’t mean much coming from Bandon, who’s never really had much of a family, but maybe this means Allanon still has a slight chance of converting Bandon back to the good side.

2. Dark Eretria

Eretria came away from her second Mord Wraith encounter looking and sounding relatively normal. But perhaps the Mord Wraith affected her in ways that we won’t see until her life (or the life of her friends) is on the line. Plus, Wil’s Dark Eretria vision has got to mean something.

3. Wil’s Elfstones

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—Wil’s relying on his Elfstones way too much and too often. He uses them for everything from killing Mord Wraiths to healing his loved ones, and at this rate he’s going to be helpless when the Elfstones inevitably get taken away again.