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The Shannara Chronicles Recap: Wilderun Is No Longer A Safe Haven

Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles introduced a lot of new characters, but over the last few episodes we’ve been slowly whittling our way down to a small but strong core cast again. Tamlin fell (or walked) to her death in “Warlock.” Ander and Flick both died in “Crimson.” The Warlock Lord decapitated Riga in “Amberle.” And in this episode, “Wilderun,” Bandon dies somewhat unexpectedly after attempting to use the Warlock Lord’s own magic against him.

Bandon takes the Codex of Paranor (which they stole from Riga) from the Warlock Lord under the guise of examining its contents and takes a stab at injuring him with a Druid chant. We can’t blame Bandon for trying, especially after the Warlock Lord made Bandon kill Catania (again) in the previous episode. But while Bandon stuns the Warlock Lord temporarily, his little chant is no match for the Warlock Lord’s almighty power. We’d say RIP Bandon, but we’re not quite sure if we do want Bandon to rest in peace after everything he did to the Four Lands.

the shannara-chronicles-wilderun-bandon

Warlock Lord leaves Graymark to go find Lyria, taking the Codex with him. Allanon and Mareth realize as much when they get to Graymark (they narrowly avoided dying a painful, fiery death thanks to Jax) and discover Bandon’s dead body. Allanon gets emotional, as he usually does when it comes to anything having to do with Bandon. But he quickly dries his metaphorical tears and orders Jax and his new gnome buddies to station themselves around Heaven’s Well as a last line of defense against the Warlock Lord.

Jax agrees, but is greeted by a horde of Crimson soldiers (who are still “in charge” of Leah, technically) when he arrives at the Leah palace. Jax presents the Crimson with Riga’s severed head to convince them to help fight the Warlock Lord. And while a particularly stubborn Crimson general initially resists, Jax uses his prior experience as a captain to appeal to the general’s sense of honour and duty.

Meanwhile Allanon and Mareth return to the enclave, where they reunite with Wil, Eretria, Lyria, and Cogline. We needed a few seconds to process the shocking fact that Wil and Lyria hadn’t already met before this episode, but fortunately we recovered in time to hear Allanon talk to Cogline about the fate of the Druid line. Allanon assures Cogline that Mareth will take over for him when he’s gone, but Cogline still seems scared and uncertain. Does he not trust Mareth? Is he worried that Mareth’s not ready to take such an important responsibility?


Even though his chat with Cogline doesn’t go super well, Allanon surprisingly manages to get through a nice, normal, supportive conversation with Wil. He advises Wil to recognize his achievements just as much, if not more than, his failures. He also admits that love (i.e. Mareth’s love for Wil and Allanon’s love for Pyria) is a strength, not a weakness, meaning that he had a change of heart after talking to Mareth about love in the previous episode.

Eretria and Lyria also have an intense conversation of their own. Eretria can’t stop thinking about the fact that a Wraith is currently inhabiting her body (which Wil now knows about, by the way) and is worried that she could become another Bandon. Lyria, however, has a much more optimistic vision of the future and asks Eretria to marry her.


Eretria unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of time to mull over Lyria’s offer once the Warlock Lord breaks in to the enclave to take on his mortal enemy, Allanon. Even with Cogline and his fancy ray gun backing him up, a weakened Allanon fails to defend himself against the Warlock Lord. Mareth runs in to help right after the Warlock Lord injures Allanon with a car (part of the enclave used to be a garage, apparently) and manages to disarm him—but not for long.

At this point Wil usually comes in with an assist. But unfortunately the Warlock Lord has completely hypnotized Eretria, who prevents Wil from providing Mareth with reinforcement. Lyria tries desperately to get through to Eretria, but it’s no use—Eretria shuts off the device Cogline installed to keep Wraiths out and immediately lets another one in.

So in summary, Eretria’s allegiance to the dark side is stronger than ever, Allanon is gravely injured if not already dead, Mareth is powerful but inexperienced and Wil can’t help her. They might still figure out how to keep the Warlock Lord away from Heaven’s Well, but it certainly won’t be easy.


What To Look Out For In The Next Episode

1. Eretria and Lyria

We’d love to see Eretria and Lyria become the co-Queens of Leah (which sounds like the name of a weird, Medieval-era sitcom). But we’re not sure if Eretria’s willing to trade in her dagger for a scepter. Eretria’s also still possessed by Wraiths, which throws another huge wrench into Lyria’s plans.

2. Eretria’s Fate

Speaking of Eretria being possessed, we’re not 100% certain that she’ll return to the good side by the time the season ends. Last season ended with Amberle turning into a tree, so Dark Eretria hanging around for a few more episodes is totally plausible.

3. The Warlock Lord’s Fate

We’re pretty sure the Warlock Lord will die. But how will he die? And will anyone else die first?