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The Shannara Chronicles Recap: Wil And Amberle Get Much-Needed Closure

Let’s be real—even though Wil’s defeated multiple demons, travelled back in time, and uncovered the Warlock Lord’s skull (and that was just this season), he never managed to completely get over Amberle’s death. That changes once Wil and Eretria finally get to Arborlon and Wil gets a chance to talk to Amberle/the Ellcrys face to face, figuratively speaking.

Wil approaches the Ellcrys and is transported to a mystical beach where he spots Amberle, clothed and shrouded in white. Wil acts like a jilted boyfriend whose ex never answers his texts anymore, and while Amberle understands Wil’s frustration she tells Wil that he needs to accept that their relationship is over. She also reminds him that there are more pressing matters to attend to—namely, deciding how to defeat the Warlock Lord. Amberle tells Wil that he only stands a chance against the Warlock Lord if he accepts his “truth.” And that truth apparently involves Shea, as Amberle transports Wil to bygone Shady Vale to confront his father yet again.


Wil, as always, insists that everyone would be better off if he stuck to being healer and lived a quiet, drama-filled life. But Shea finally, finally convinces Wil otherwise and helps Wil realize that while the two of them managed to make peace with one another, there’s still one more person Wil has to forgive and forget: Amberle.

Wil returns to the beach and declares that he’s ready to break ties with Amberle—a lot less dramatic than pretending to kill her, like Amberle had to do to Wil last season. She proudly tells him that he’s finally ready to take on the Warlock Lord, restores the broken Sword of Shannara and says her final goodbyes to Wil, implying that this is the last time Wil (and the audience) will ever see her. We’re disappointed about losing Amberle for the second time, but if Wil can get over her then we can, too.


Wil leaves Arborlon with the Sword, ready to take on the Warlock Lord and the world, when he runs into a bloodied Eretria lying on the ground. While Wil was engaging in pseudo-therapy sessions with Amberle and Shea, Eretria was running away from a gang of Crimson soldiers she spotted in the woods. Unfortunately she ran into a Wraith, which she tried to conquer with her newly discovered magic powers. But despite a commendable effort, the Wraith overpowered Eretria and lodged itself directly into her soul.

This is bad news for Wil, Allanon, Mareth, and everyone else trying to save the Four Lands from destruction. But it’s definitely good news for the Warlock Lord, who Bandon successfully revived in the previous episode. Bandon’s raring to work with his new evil master and immediately asks him for a huge favour: resurrect Catania. We’re surprised that Bandon still has feelings for Catania—honestly, we’re surprised that Bandon is still capable of caring about anyone other than himself. The Warlock Lord grants Bandon’s request nevertheless, albeit with a huge caveat. Bandon gets a few moments with “regular” Catania, who tells Bandon that she’d rather still be dead than be with him (ouch). But before Bandon can convince Catania to forgive him, the Warlock Lord forces her to become his Warlock Lady.


The Warlock Lord continues to play with Bandon’s fragile, insecure little heart by compelling him to re-kill Catania and prove his true allegiance to the dark side. And we thought Bandon would finally come to his senses here—Bandon admitted that Catania is the only person he ever loved, after all, and killing someone that just came back to life seems pointless. But while Bandon doesn’t look too happy about having to obey the Warlock Lord’s ridiculous orders, he eventually does kill Catania, proving just how far gone he is.

Meanwhile, Allanon is desperate to prepare Mareth for a possible Warlock Lord showdown, especially now that his powers are becoming increasingly weaker. Allanon knows he’s inching closer to death, and while there’s a chance he can restore his magic by taking the “Druid’s Sleep” again, he doesn’t want to leave Mareth in the middle of training. He doesn’t want to leave Mareth period, as he’s finally coming around to the fact that she’s his daughter and Druid heir.


Allanon gives Mareth another one of his not-so-peppy pep talks and warns Mareth that the life of a Druid is a lonely and sad one. He also tells Mareth to be careful around Wil—he (like literally everyone except Wil) knows she’s crushing on him, and tells her that love can “cloud judgment.” Mareth gets upset, not because Allanon’s telling her what to do but because Allanon’s message implies that he never truly loved Pyria.

They don’t have a ton of time to talk about their feelings before Riga and the Crimson barge into Storlock, chain up Mareth, and force Allanon to hand over the Codex to save Mareth’s life. Riga was, of course, lying, and sentences them both to death anyway. But he gets his comeuppance when the Warlock Lord decapitates him upon his return to Graymark.


What To Look Out For In The Next Episode

1. The Crimson’s Fate

What will happen to the Crimson now that their fearless leader is dead? Will they seek revenge? Self-destruct? Or will they finally realize that exterminating all magic is an overly ambitious and kind of absurd goal?

2. Lyria’s Whereabouts

We didn’t see Lyria at all in this episode, which probably means she’s still hanging out with Cogline at the enclave. But we’re curious to see what happens when the Warlock Lord finally finds Lyria and gets his hands on the key to Heaven’s Well (which we know he will).

3. Dark Eretria

Eretria is now (at least partially) susceptible to the Warlock Lord’s control. Nobody, including Wil, knows this yet, so the Warlock Lord will probably exploit and weaponize Eretria’s relationships to carry out his evil plan. Will Eretria’s friends sense that she’s behaving strangely, or will their blind trust in her be their downfall?

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