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The Shallows Is Basically The Revenant With More Bikinis

Judging by the title of Blake Lively’s new movie, The Shallows, you may think she’s starring in a spin-off of her long-gone teen soap series Gossip Girl. But The Shallows presents a far more menacing threat to our leggy blonde heroine than sassy cyberbullies or Georgina Sparks. The villain at large here is—dun dun dun!—a hungry Great White shark.

In the new full-length trailer for The Shallows, Lively plays a surfer/medical student who escapes to a secluded beach, ironically named Paradise. But her whole Blue Crush vibe gets obliterated when a shark chomps on her leg and dines on a pair of nearby surfer dudes. Suddenly, she’s stranded on a rock a couple hundred feet from the shore, as her nemesis circles around her. Uh-oh.

The Shallows is described by Deadline as a cross between Jaws and 127 Hours, but we’d sooner call it Lively’s version of The Revenant. Survival skills, bloody injuries, battling large CGI animals … looks like The Shallows has it all.

To find out who wins the epic Blake versus shark showdown of 2016, check out The Shallows when it hits theaters on June 29 (just in time for you to rethink your beach vacation).