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The New Predator Movie Isn’t A Remake Or A Sequel

20th Century Fox

Back in February, we learned that the upcoming Predator flick officially(ish) wasn’t a sequel. Now, another one of the film’s stars, Keegan-Michael Key, offered his slightly more official-sounding two cents to EW.

To sum it up, this isn’t a remake of the original, nor is it a sequel to any of the past Predator films. However, it does exist in the same universe—whatever that means.

Let’s just assume it’s a fresh take that contains several nods to its forerunners. Maybe a severed Arnie, Danny Glover, or Adrien Brody head will pop up, spine still intact?

According to a recent EW piece, Key says “there’s more to the story than a carbon copy remake.” Fortunately, the actor elaborated on that vague statement with this tasty, if predictably promotional, tidbit:

Predator was a real privilege to do, and if people think they’re going to see a remake of the original movie, they’re in for a surprise. A very pleasant surprise.”

More enlightening news from Key is that the film has “lots of elements of humour.” This makes sense considering his casting and director Shane Black’s (who actually played a character named Hawkins in the Predator) marriage of dark humour and violence in films like The Nice Guys, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the Lethal Weapon franchise, which he wrote.

As for the same universe statement, Key noted that “it certainly lives in the universe of the five films that were made. I think that’s probably the best way to say it and the only way I can say it right now.” Got it. Severed Topher Grace head.

Surely we’ll be hearing more about this highly anticipated film leading up to its August 3, 2018 release. In the meantime, the best glimpse we can still offer is this Predator cast pic that Black shared five whole months ago: