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The Newest ‘Arrow’ Superhero Is Not Very Good, Which Is Why She’s Actually Great


The original Black Canary, the late Sara Lance, was a total badass.

Her sister, Laurel? Not so much.

And you know what? That’s totally okay. Here’s why the newest superhero on “Arrow” being a bit of a wash is actually really cool.

Laurel’s not a trained assassin.  She’s a lawyer. Her sister was the professionally trained killer.

So of course she’s going to be afraid of gunfire.

Of course she’s not prepared to handle a simple knife wound.

Even stitches are no bueno for Laurel Lance.

And she hasn’t gotten the whole “graceful landing” thing down yet.

But even if she’s not the greatest masked vigilante…

At least she’s committed to the job.

And looks the part, too.

She’s not the best fighter, but…

…she’s the only hero to inflict legitimate pain on seemingly invincible Danny Brickwell. The no-no parts are always a yes-yes in a vigilante battle.

Landings are a problem, but she knows how to make an entrance…

…and she knows how to make an exit.

So, no, Laurel Lance is not a great superhero — not yet.

But she’s motivated, she’s learning, and she’s here to stay. Deal with it.