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Own Tim Burton’s Napkin Art In One Convenient Book

Good news for all you Beetlejuicers, Sweeney Toddlers, and Edward Scissorheads (none of those are legit nicknames, in case that wasn’t evident): the folks at Bloody Disgusting recently informed us of a snazzy new book comprised of napkin doodles by none other than beloved gothic filmmaker (and writer and producer and painter) Tim Burton.

Steeles Publishing has put out The Napkin Art of Tim Burton: Things You Think About in a Bar, which serves as a mini companion to their heftier The Art of Tim Burton book, and provides “a glimpse into the mind of a man who spends much of his life on the road. Often finding himself in random surroundings, Burton conveys thoughts, ideas and memories with simple sketches on the most convenient surface available – a napkin.”

And here’s what it looks like.


Spending 20 American dollars (which translates to roughly infinity Canadian dollars) will get you 140 pages with two pull-outs. It appears that most of these drawings are black-and-white, but I see one that’s popping with red wine and, um, something possibly edible?


More napkin context comes from this Examiner article from January 12. It paraphrases a forward written by Burton, which states that “he loves to draw because it is therapeutic. He draws on napkins because they are handy and it would be rude to write on walls and tablecloths. He encourages others to explore their creative process. He invites readers to add their own artwork to the book, even including a blank napkin for your own work of art.”

Check out a couple more stained samples below, then head over to Steeles’ site to order it.