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7 Cool Things We Learned From The LEGO Brickumentary



Did you know the that first LEGO minifigures were faceless, armless little guys with no moving parts? In Beyond The Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary that fact (and tonnes more) are relayed by a minifigure Jason Bateman who tells the fascinating story about the evolution of the world’s most popular toy. Here’s some awesome stuff we found out about LEGO:

1. There are 100 LEGO pieces for every person on the planet.


2. LEGO was created by a Danish carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen who didn’t have the easiest time getting his business off the ground. His workshop burnt down three times. Thankfully, he persevered. Now the entire country’s basically built out of LEGO.


3. Dedicated LEGO fans have their own secret language of acronyms. An AFOL is an Adult Fan of LEGO. A KFOL is a Kid Fan of LEGO. Then there’s shorthand like BURP (that’s a Big Ugly Rock Piece) and POOP (Parts which can be made Out of Other Parts). Lastly, there’s the elusive 1×5—that’s code for an attractive woman.


4. The biggest LEGO project ever built is a life-size X-Wing Fighter, based on a real Star Wars LEGO set—only 42 times larger. With a wingspan of 45 feet, the X-Wing took 17,000 hours to build and is made up of eight tonnes of bricks—five million pieces of LEGO!


5. How many ways can you put together 6 LEGO bricks? A mathematician set out to answer that question. The result: 915,103,765 combinations.


6. While The LEGO Movie was a big hit at the box office, it’s just the latest in a long tradition of LEGO movies—but unlike the big budget studio film, fan-made LEGO movies are stop motion, not CGI. Check out LEGO Bullet Time:

7. People have made some pretty crazy stuff out of LEGO. Fans in Melbourne built a working car. Google cofounder Larry Page once built himself an inkjet printer out of LEGO. A LEGO artist in New York City has recreated works of art like the Mona Lisa and Carbon-frozen Han Solo (that’s art, right?). Even NASA scientists use LEGO to build concept space shuttles.


Beyond The Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary is in theatres July 31 in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg, Kitchener, and Kingston. It opens August 7 in Waterloo and August 14 in Ottawa, Saskatoon, and Regina. Check out the trailer below: