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The Girl With All The Gifts Is Hungry For Flesh In New Clip

The Girl With All The Gifts is the latest zombie movie to take on the big screen. But here’s the twist—it might actually make you root for the flesh-eaters to win. The film is led by Glenn Close, Paddy Considine and Gemma Arterton, but the real star of the show is 13-year-old newcomer Sennia Nanua.

The film, which is another book-to-film adaptation, is set in the near future after humanity has been pushed to the brink of existence by a fungal disease. The disease erases people’s free will and turns the victims into flesh-eating “hungries.” The story follows a small group of children who appear immune to its effects as they’re studied and experimented on. One young girl stands apart from the rest and is forced on a journey to survive alongside a scientist and a teacher.

In the newly released clip, we see the young Melanie and her teacher interacting inside the military base as Melanie is held captive. The clip shows the growing bond between the student and teacher as Melanie tries to resist her feral instincts.

This is not the usual hero vs. zombie flick—the lead characters all have questionable motives that leave you unsure who the good guys really are. If you’re getting tired of the undead trope, give this film a chance, it’s a fresh take on the flesh-eater genre.

The Girl With All The Gifts premiered last year at TIFF and is set to be released February 24. If you missed it, you can check out the full trailer below.