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The Girl With All The Gifts Is An Exciting Spin On The Zombie Film

Weeknights 7e 4p

This week on InnerSpace, we delved into the new thriller The Girl with All the Gifts, a post-apocalyptic zombie film that centres on an exceptionally intelligent young girl named Melanie.

What starts off as an exciting spin on dusty genre lore soon devolves back into yet another zombie movie in a manner pretty much guaranteed to irritate those who are tired of hearing the big themes and speeches of Dawn of the Dead parroted yet again.

Still, at least the movie does bring a few twists to the party, a damn good cast, and an impressive aesthetic. That ain’t bad. As a matter of fact, it’s amazing that a zombie movie this watchable can even still be made in 2017. Time will likely be kind to this one once zombies finally fade out of the mainstream again.

For now, it’s a brief peak in an otherwise consistent downward trajectory of a genre that needs to go away for a while.

Check out our full review of The Girl with All the Gifts below: