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Spoiler-Free Highlights From The Expanse Pilot


It’s not hard to understand why even standing room was in short supply at Saturday’s Fan Expo screening of The Expanse pilot. With over three months to go until the show’s premiere, Saturday’s viewers were treated to a rare glimpse of their TV future. While the extended wait for episode two leaves plenty of time for careless secret-leaking, there’s no reason to fear these 10 spoiler-free highlights.

Faithful adaptation


It won’t take long for fans of the bestselling novels to realize that The Expanse is faithful to its source material. As Cas Anvar explained in the post-screening Q&A, “Everything in the novels is in the show—and then some.”

Good chemistry


Featuring a fairly equal balance of men and women, the show’s varied cast instantly gels onscreen—and it doesn’t take long for some of them to take their friendly interaction to the next level.

Star power


The cosmic brand of stars are everywhere in The Expanse, but the series also features at least one certified movie star: former Punisher Thomas Jane, who plays the noir-infused Detective Miller.

Futuristic hair


Sci-fi characters have been known to experiment with adventurous locks, and the cast of The Expanse—particularly Jane and Dominique Tipper—are no exception.

Futuristic tech


Always looking for the next big thing in smartphone technology? The transparent gadgets in The Expanse will leave you drooling for your own futuristic upgrade.

Zero gravity


While our astronauts generally manage to stay grounded—thanks to gravity-imposing boots—the show’s occasional bursts of zero gravity are worthy of Hollywood’s most ambitious space operas.

Special effects


If you have an appetite for eye candy, brace yourself for The Expanse’s impressive spaceships. In one of the highlights of the first episode, the camera weaves around a massive ship, inspecting its details from every conceivable angle.

Down to Earth


Even staunch supporters of science fiction can grow tired of stars and spaceships. Fortunately, The Expanse also features occasional sojourns on land.

Classic sci-fi feel


Fans of classic science fiction should be happy to see visual allusions to many genre staples. Talking about the series on Saturday, star Steven Strait explicitly acknowledged the influence of Alien, explaining that they “wanted to have that kind of early Ridley Scott feel.”

Big finale


This may be the first episode of the series, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering an explosive, go-for-broke finale. We don’t want to tell you what happens, but brace yourself for destruction.