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Hell And Bullets Are Unleashed In The First Trailer For The Dark Tower

There are other worlds than these.

One of those worlds is Stephen King’s Mid-World, a devastated landscape in which the last Gunslinger eternally hunts the Man in Black on a mission to protect the Dark Tower. “If it falls,” says the Gunslinger, “hell will be unleashed.”

In the debut trailer for the director Nikolaj Arcel’s (A Royal Affair) adaptation of King’s eight-book-spanning series, we meet the Gunslinger (Idris Elba) and his nemesis the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), who, says Elba’s character, is not like the devil. He’s worse.

Back in the regular world, a young kid (played by Legends’ Tom Taylor) sits in his psychiatrist’s office describing a series of troubling recurring visions. “I see a tower, the Man in Black, and the Gunslinger,” he confesses. “They’re just dreams,” says his shrink, predictably.

Of course, they aren’t (otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a movie). The Gunslinger and his world are real—and intimately connected to ours. Watch what happens when the two collide in the trailer below (and check out Elba loading a revolver faster than Wyatt Earp and Billy The Kid combined).

The Dark Tower invades theatres on August 4. Also, here are two new posters to drool over: