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The Conjuring 2 Teaser Promises More Stylish Scares

The great thing about bad prequels is that it’s very easy to pretend they never happened. After the triumph that was 2013’s The Conjuring, Warner Bros. brought the franchise back a year later with the instantly forgettable Annabelle. Mediocrity notwithstanding, that $6.5 million dud grossed a mind-blowing $256 million worldwide. Having its cake and eating it too, the studio was able to proceed with The Conjuring 2 as if that sub-par—if insanely popular—movie never happened.

In spite of all that success, Warner Bros. still inexplicably believes that horror is a fringe genre. As a result, the studio’s referring to The Conjuring 2 as a “supernatural thriller.” While the family from the original has been given some much-needed time off, scare maestro James Wan (Saw, Insidious) is back, as are demonologists Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga). This time around, they’re in jolly old England, helping a single mother and her four kids battle evil spirits.


At first, the new trailer suggests more of the same, but with a new influx of colours and British accents—and then it gets crazy. James Wan’s vertical-scrolling credit brings back memories of the legendary teaser for The Shining, only to be followed by a barrage of horror imagery that promises an ambitious, well-crafted horror film no less inspired than the original. So yes, we’re excited.


The Conjuring 2 spooks theatres June 10. Get a jump on the scares below.