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Teddy’s Favourite Spock Episode


star trek

Weeknights 7e 4p

Given my producer slash comrade Mark “King Of Canadian Sci-Fi” Askwith (he makes me call him that—it’s so demeaning) picked “Amok Time” as his favourite Spock-heavy episode of Star Trek, I’m going with “The Tholian Web.”

It’s a great episode all around, but it makes the cut here because it’s also one of the instances in the original series when our half-human, half-Vulcan (ALL AWESOME) hero takes command of the Enterprise. After going missing in a dimensional breach, Captain Kirk is declared dead, and Spock is tasked with getting the ship away from the madness-inducing rift. Tough gig, but I love it when Spock gets to step-up and take the bridge.

Another standout element of “The Tholian Web” lies in the oft-discussed dynamic between Spock and Dr. McCoy. As it is for many fans, their relationship is one of my favourite elements from the original series, and this episode–in particular, the somber posthumous message from Kirk— does a wonderful job of highlighting Spock-Bones push and pull.