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Teddy Sits Down With Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

doctor who

doctor who

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are in San Diego—and so is InnerSpace! Tuesday afternoon, we went to meet the two Doctor Who stars at their hotel here in the city. Coleman and Capaldi were both in high spirits and looking forward to getting to the Con—this is Capaldi’s first time and he mentioned that he can’t wait to see all the cosplay.

InnerSpace’s Teddy Wilson arrived early to the city to host the interviews, and it was swell to discover that both interviewees remembered him from past meetings.

We started things off with Capaldi and lost no time in asking him what we can expect from the new season. Despite not giving out any spoilers, he was unabashedly excited about the return of the show and what we’ll see. At one point, he even got that mischievous glint in his eye (not unlike the one we’ve seen from The Doctor himself) and said this season we’ll see The Doctor enjoying life—but it will come at a cost (gasp!).

He spoke about how the relationship between Clara and The Doctor has evolved and hinted that the pair will have much more fun together this year.  He said some of his favourite moments are the ones where Clara gives The Doctor advice on his social skills, and teaches him how to be “better around people.”  (OMG, it sounds hilarious!)


Capaldi went on to say that this next season will be very cinematic in scope and we’ll see some amazing monsters.

Coleman was also stoked about the return of the show and had lots to say about creature cameos.  When Teddy asked her why the monsters are so important to the show, Coleman laughed and jokingly said “Because they’re what we run from!”

Both Capaldi and Coleman had only praise for showrunner Steven Moffat, and in an upcoming segment on InnerSpace we’ll show you a clip where Capaldi tells us an endearing story about meeting with Moffat to get the goods on the scope of the new season.  It’s very cute and we can’t wait for you to see it.

Other tidbits from the interview include Coleman confessing to how Clara is handling Danny’s death, what her favourite scenes are to shoot, and a fun reveal about one of the baddies they have to face this year.


The interview wrapped up with a very touching and candid conversation with Capaldi about what playing The Doctor has meant to him.  It’s definitely a must see.

And not to get gossipy, but I have to tell you that both actors were very gracious in person. Capaldi introduced himself to the entire crew and was very candid in his answers. He seems like a genuinely kind person, who has a deep love for Doctor Who. Coleman is stunning in person and also very down to earth and kind. Isn’t it nice to know the stars behind our favourite characters are wonderful people too?

For the full interviews, tune in to InnerSpace this Friday!