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7 Things We Learned From Tatiana Maslany In Conversation At TIFF

Last Saturday, Tatiana Maslany took a break from her busy Orphan Black shooting schedule to join TIFF’s artistic director Cameron Bailey for a live Q&A session in front of a theater packed with Clone Clubbers as part of Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival. Maslany gave us some insider info on her best known role, err, roles, playing all the adult Leda sisters (how many are there now?) for what’s about to be four seasons. Here are the seven coolest things we learned about her time on the show—including one tiny hint about the fate of Sarah and her sestras in the upcoming season.

What continues to hold her interest in working on Orphan Black

“I’ve always seen it as a character study. I’m interested in what makes us ourselves and what factors play into that, whether that’s our biology, or our decisions, or our life choices, and the outside influences that change us. For me it’s really about how one set of cells could be expressed in so many different ways. We have the capacity to be so many different things while still maintaining the same biological structure.”

The reason she was drawn to acting in the first place

“I took it on as a craft that I love and that moves me and teaches me things. But before that it was just like, there was candy on the craft table and adults who were like, ‘good job’…and playing. I played for a long time. I was a late bloomer and I loved imagination. I’m still scared of the dark and I think there are sharks everywhere. My imagination is ridiculously childish. That was created by continuing to act, or it was why I got into it.”

The two things that fans give her the most grief about

The surprisingly sudden death of Delphine and, when it comes to her UK fans, Sarah’s accent. “It’s so specific,” explains Maslany, “it isn’t something that I grew up with. It’s still really tough. Some people are like, ‘You’re Australian!’ I struggle with it.”

The dangers season four has in store for the Clone Club

“It’s an exciting season and a lot happens. We’re on episode seven right now… and it’s a very dark, dark episode. Lots of big challenges for all the clones.”

The most fun she has on set

“I love playing [Helena], I get to explore all the wrong things… the more base, animal instincts. What’s fun about her is that she came from such a dark place, and there was so much danger in her first season and that so quickly became comedic. Putting her opposite Donnie—this very domesticated guy—it’s super fun.

And about those next Star Wars movie rumours…

“I can’t tell you anything because nothing is true! People like to grab onto something that’s hearsay, but I’m doing another film next year and I’m really excited about that. But yeah, Star Wars was awesome. It was really awesome.”

The ultimate Orphan Black dream scene she’d love to shoot in Toronto

“Helena in the aquarium—but like, in the aquarium.”

Season four of Orphan Black debuts on Space this April, so stay tuned for more details. If you want to know more about TIFF’s “In Conversation With…” series, click here.