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Sweet Old People Discover The Sick Thrills Of ‘GTA V’: Watch


The widespread popularity of the “Grand Theft Auto” video game franchise is the source of much controversy, and countless curmudgeons use it as an indicator that society is going down the tubes. But a new video showing senior citizens having a grand old time playing “GTA V” proves that the game’s appeal isn’t necessarily a generational thing.

As part of Fine Brothers Entertainment’s “React” series, eight senior citizens played the game for 30 minutes each. The elderly gamers were given no information other than the control scheme. Once the game was booted up, it was met with skeptical grumbling: “Oh goodness, I’ve heard about this one…” “Why would you wanna teach the kids how to steal a car?!”

Soon enough, though, the life-experienced players got caught up in the massive and massively detailed world of San Andreas:


The progression is hilarious. At first, the gamers are blown away by the environs, and actually obey traffic rules. But once it dons on the seniors that you can do anything you want in the game, they gleefully give in to their inner sociopaths, unleashing mayhem and poorly aimed bullets on the pixelated citizens of Los Santos. So, next time you visit your grandparents, maybe bring your console along?