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Superheroes’ Least Super Moments



As most comic book readers know, many classic superheroes are frustratingly indestructible. When we are virtually guaranteed that they will emerge from their latest crisis in tact—and victorious—it can be difficult to get lost in the drama. This may explain why so many of the most iconic superheroes eventually buck expectations and meet their demise. Fortunately, one power all superheroes seem to have in common is an ability to rise from the dead.

In a video uploaded earlier this month, took a look back at the 10 biggest superhero deaths of all time. If you’re in the process of tearing through the X-Men archives, you’ll definitely want to avoid this video, as it reveals no less than three tragic twists from that beloved series.

professor x

For those who get most of their superhero history from movies, this video offers some intriguing surprises. One of the first major Marvel Universe deaths, the First Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) was defeated by an unlikely real world adversary: cancer. In one of the most peculiar/recent tragedies, Spider-Man/Peter Parker managed to die twice in a single calendar year—in two different universes.

So who landed the number one spot? If you guessed Superman—who famously died in 1993—you’re dead wrong. Watch the video below to find out who comic book fans saved their real tears for.