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An Artist’s Stone Tablet Resumes Could Totally Land Him A Job In Westeros



Tumblr user Mr. Deep Immersion decided he wanted to work for Wizards of the Coast, the company behind “Dungeons and Dragons,” “Magic: The Gathering” and a ton of other fantasy-themed games and items. How he went about sending his resume is quite unique.

You might think the above tablet is a prop from Game of Thrones but no—that’s actually the resume Immersion sent Wizards. Made of a type of plastic that easily shatters, these tablets contain a more traditional resume inside—which is still wax sealed, mind you. Go Westeros or go home, right?

On the front of the two tablets he sent Wizards, it cleverly reads, “Whosoever shatters this tablet shall have the ability to summon a powerful ally. But be warned doing so shall change the future forever.”

Take a look at the whole project below.


So, did he get a job? “While it seems that there is not an available position that meets my skillset [sic],” Mr. Deep Immersion says in a blog post, “I am proud to report that Mr. Leeds stated that this was by far the most impressive resume presentation that the company had ever seen.” Nice! ????

The CEO of Wizards of the Coast, Greg Leeds, actually sent Immersion’s resume around to other companies (presumably the details and not the whole hammer and chisel situation) and lo and behold, Immersion landed a job elsewhere. ????

It goes to show that if you have a creative idea that you think might be a little ridiculous, you may want to run with it to see what happens.

As long as you’re not thinking you should fight The Mountain.