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Why Star Wars Will Dominate Pop Culture Forever

When it comes to its influence on pop culture, the original Star Wars trilogy is kind of a big deal. The universe that George Lucas created has impacted and influenced countless films and TV shows that came after it—some more than others (we’re looking at you, 30 Rock).

Think about it, The Force is with all of us—it’s everywhere.

It’s here:


And here:


And here:


And, of course, here:


But the trilogy’s influence reaches far beyond simple references and homages. Star Wars actually changed the way movies are made. Shutterstock and Pop Chart Lab created this infographic which shows how the trilogy changed the industry, science fiction, special effects technology, and even the types of roles available to male and female actors.

Weird gold bikini scene aside, it was an ass-kicking Princess Leia that led the way for powerful, fearless women like Ripley, Katniss, and Buffy. And how would we feel about a near future in which we live at the mercy of our robot overlords had R2-D2 not been such a lovable early ambassador for our inevitable masters?

Check out the infographic to see all the other ways in which the nearly four-decades-old franchise has continued to inspire and influence the current pop culture terrain: