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Where’s Rey? Not Playing Star Wars Monopoly, That’s For Sure

Kylo Ren would be pleased. A First Order Victory is as good a sure thing, what with Rey out of his way now—because when it comes to the new Force Awakens edition of Star Wars Monopoly, she was never there to begin with.


Apparently gamemakers Hasbro weren’t cc’d on any of JJ Abrams’ emails about the plot of the new movie in which actor Daisy Ridley’s Rey is clearly the central protagonist. We can’t come up with any other explanation for why they wouldn’t have included her, the movie’s hero, in the game. Kylo Ren is there. Finn is there. Luke Skywalker (who appeared on screen for all of 30 seconds) is there. Darth Vader is there and that dude WASN’T EVEN IN THE FILM.


But no Rey. (And no Captain Phasma either, despite Gwendoline Christie’s rad metallic Stormtrooper commander getup.)

Hasbro’s site boasts that fans “can play on the Rebel or the Empire side” and includes two characters from each faction in the game—just not the main character. Because she’s a girl. Sorry, Hasbro, but we can’t see any other reason why you didn’t include her.

The company’s response falls short of providing a satisfying answer: “The Star Wars: Monopoly game was released in September,” Hasbro explains on their Twitter page, “months before the movie’s release. Rey was not included to avoid revealing a key plot line that she takes on Kylo Ren and joins the Rebel Alliance.” Huh. But it was okay to include Luke, who was notoriously absent from the film’s trailers for similar plot-related reasons?

The embarrassing omission hasn’t escaped the notice of Star Wars enthusiasts on social media (it doesn’t help that this isn’t the first time they’ve screwed up in a nearly identical fashion).

Disney claims that more Rey toys will roll out this month and that the ones already on shelves are selling well. Meanwhile, the hashtag #WheresRey has been picking up momentum on Twitter since late December. All we’re waiting for is a Force Awakens edit with all of Ridley’s parts cut out. Spoiler alert: it’d be a very short clip.

For now we’ll have to be satisfied with this gif, which goes a long way in expressing the current #WheresRay confusion: