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Get That C-3P0 Glow With Cover Girl’s New Star Wars Makeup

star wars

This is the lipstick you’re looking for. If you’ve ever dreamed of dolling yourself up as a droid for date night or perfecting your Stormtrooper face for an important meeting, take heart—the Force of a major makeup brand is with you.

Cover Girl is releasing a new Star Wars-themed cosmetics line to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens in December. The advertising campaign will hit magazines in early September but Allure got a behind the scenes sneak peek at the photos, created by makeup artist to the stars (both earthly and intergalactic), Pat McGrath.

McGrath designed six different makeup looks, three for each side of the Force, and Allure revealed two of the looks today. First up, a supermodel version of C-3P0:


“This look was inspired by C-3PO,” McGrath told the magazine. “I wanted her to look beautiful, with strong gold eyes and gold lips. Metallics are hot this season and fit perfectly with the film,” she adds. “Why not take some risks and have fun with a gold or silver lip look?”

Why not indeed—pay no attention to the fact that you might terrify the patrons at your local cantina and leave metallic-hued stains on the rims of every pint glass you touch. We say go for it!

And here’s McGrath’s sexy Stormtrooper. Don’t try this unless you’re a power suit-wearing CEO-type. It’s bold.


“The Stormtrooper is a soldier, so this makeup look is intercut with a strong, graphic eye structured with a very dark-berry lip,” McGrath says. This woman is a boss (one we are totally terrified of).

While wearing the amount of makeup shown in the ads should be reserved for Comic Con-esque events only, the campaign is more about highlighting the products than demonstrating the way humans will be adorning their faces come December.

We do dig these Stormtrooper nails, though: