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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Recap: The Mirror Universe Turns Inside Out In Vaulting Ambition

Vaulting Ambition

What do you call a Mirror Universe flipped on its head? We’d call it this week’s episode of Discovery, in which alliances change faster than you can cook up a pot of Kelpien soup (mmm, ganglia). As we learn more about Mirror Michael’s past relationship with Emperor Georgiou, it becomes clear that there are certain bonds that straddle the divide between Burnham’s real home and the upside down world the crew of the Discovery now find themselves in.

Even in the universe ruled by the Terrans, the link between Burnham and Georgiou is strong. Terran Burnham wasn’t raised by Vulcans, but by Georgiou, who seems to have been a cruel, fickle maternal figure who nonetheless wanted everything for her adopted daughter. Now that the daughter she thought dead is back, the Emperor has a few questions for her (besides wondering where her taste for threat ganglia has gone to). She doesn’t completely buy Burnham’s story about faking her own death in order to catch Lorca (we find out why near the end of the episode) and Burnham, unable to satisfy her with a decent explanation, soon finds herself on the brink of her own execution.

Vaulting Ambition

In a last ditch effort to save herself (and the waiting crew on the Discovery), Burnham lays out all her cards: she tells the Emperor that she isn’t the Burnham she once knew and explains to her how their Federation ship accidentally (or not—thanks, Lorca) ended up in Terran territory.

Together, the two women have all the answers need to unravel this riddle. It’s almost like old times, with Georgiou and Burnham working together. In exchange for access to the classified information Burnham needs to get home, she agrees to tell the Emperor about the spore drive—a deal with the devil if there ever was one.

Vaulting Ambition

But Burnham gets more than she bargained for. Georgiou also gives her a piece of information she wasn’t expecting: that Lorca (yep, the guy we’ve been suspicious of all season) is a Terran in disguise. Wonder if Tyler will find that comforting? Like, if he lives. Meanwhile, Lorca’s busted out of his Terran Agonizer cell and Georgiou’s revealed to Burnham that he’s basically a trans-universal stalker—hers.

As we suspected, that spore drive jump into the Mirror Universe wasn’t an accident after all. Still, anyone who saw this twist coming should be given a MacArthur Genius Grant.

Vaulting Ambition

5 questions we have about this week’s episode

1. What exactly happened when L’Rell went to work on Tyler? She seemed so anguished—does that mean that Voq is no more?

2. What is Terran universe Stamets up to? It doesn’t look good for the crew of the Discovery. Or anyone.

3. Speaking of Stamets, the one we know and love is awake and appears to be on a mission—only, what is it?

4. We have so many questions about Mirror Universe Burnham: is she really dead? Was she in love with Lorca? Will we ever meet her?

5. What will Emperor Georgiou do with technology like the spore drive at her disposal? Could she use it to invade the Prime Universe?